a very belated secret santa gift for macchime !! her original gifter flaked so i picked up on her request. (any excuse to draw more johnvris :’) )i apologize for taking so long, but it’s just in time for valentines day so i hope that makes up for it a bit! 

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why is no one bringing back the best meme of all time

the game


John: gross i can see my belly button!

Vriska: … [silent agreement]

johns bellybutton is gross


EB: you know, i really like hanging out with you.
AG: …….Me too. ::::) <3

neko and i did johnvris snow cosplay! ugh haha sorry my lipstick’s so light, it’s usually really dark… maybe i added too much gloss… you can see my human tummy eek! and neko’s glasses transitioned in the sunlight, doop. john can wear transitions, riiiiiiiight?

vriska: me
john: godtierkankri


http://superethanworld.tumblr.com/ asked me:

I’m sorry if this is big, but can you draw Valentine stomachache Mitula, JohnVris, JohnRoxy, and JakeAranea pictures where each pairing is eating too much Valentine chocolate that they get stomachaches, become bloated, and turn green all over, but they are really happy and in love with each other? Can you also post them on Valentines Day?

yeah.they are a little bit the same but i don’t have so much idea to draw this :)


more assorted pictures from the “shoot” we did

i’m vriska and godtierkankri is john!



i havent uploaded anything in like two weeks but this is all i got sorry


so I was in the middle of drawing happy valentine’s day cards when I decided to listen to some within temptation ._. I honestly wasn’t going to make sadstuck happen that evening.

also I’ll ask just in case anybody wants to answer: should I add the lyricstuck tag if I only use one line from the song? I’ve been wondering about it for quite some time now

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Some sprite girls and a Johnvris :y


You owe me 8IG TIME!!!!!!!!

[the way it was plays in the distance]

johnvris for vriska’s 8iggest fan

t h e m e